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ChronoArt News

All is well at ChonoArt, but life has interruptions.

Between the Santa Rosa fires, a back operation (I am all healed), and the adventure of filling a large order from MoMA (NYC) for Auroras –– there will be no mailer this year and the new product that I worked on (which is 80% done) will have to wait for Christmas 2018.

I am selling Auroras for $579 + shipping. Scoll way down to the PayPal order button or call me at 1-800-328-1895. Barry Gamble


a digital art clock, was my Christmas 2016 latest and greatest.

 click on picture for complete information or scroll down to see price and order.  

Or, see my latest chime clock –– Event Horizon

 Kaleidoscope Binary Clock from ChronoArt 

Click on picturefor complete information or scroll down to see price and order.

Here is the 2015 Mailer.pdf without the TimeCubed or the Event Horizon

Note: There are two 11" X 17" pages to this mailer.

Best of days to you and yours, Barry Gamble

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For Prices and  Ordering Scroll Down –– this is a very long page.

Aurora & Prisma Repairs

Restoring your Aurora clock.  We repair about 12 a month.  We have been doing this complex job since 1993.

Call me, Barry, at 1-800-328-1895

Original Aurora clock from the 1970's

Click picture for more repair information.

Repair of original Kirsch Hamilton Clocks.

Original Prisma repair Information – click the picture below.

Original Prisma clock from 1970's

Sadly these are becoming harder to repair as they age.  Call me to get educated about what we can and cannot do, or click the picture above to read about the problems.

Buy New Auroras & New Prismas

New Auroras 

New ChronoArt Aurora Clock

Click picture for more information.

Video of clock on YouTube

We offer 2 versions, the Prisma II & Prisma TL (thick lens) clock.

–– wonderful colors, continuously changing.

New Prisma TL

New ChronoArt, Prisma Clock

Click picture for more information.

Design, Manufacture & Sell, New Clocks
Time Portal

Time as shown 6:24

22.75" tall.

Time Portal  (kinetic art)

The most amazing fun clock I have ever designed.

Art for the wall.  A conversation piece without equal.

Click picture for complete information.

Scroll down for price. 


Event Horizon

A Chime Clock

Kaleidoscope Binary Clock from ChronoArt

In the ChronoArt tradition of fun and elegant chime clocks.

Chimes on hour

Arrives set and running to your time zone.

Size: 5.9" diameter

Scroll down for more info, prices, and to order.

Back in Production.

A Design from Christmas 2007


Time as shown 2:32

9" in Diameter.

Click picture for complete


Scroll down for price. 

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Christmas is here now!

My newest design. Just released to production.



Click here for more information.


Art for your desk  from ChronoArt.

And my lowest priced electronic art clock – $109 with case or $79 without.

Have fun reading the time in a new but easy way.

Size in inches:

5.2 X 5.3 X 1.5

For Prices on all clocks,  

and PayPal ordering buttons  

Scroll Down.

This is a L-O-N-G Page. Scroll down to view these delightful art clocks.

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Discounts: Remember that when you order more than one clock, to be sent to the same

address, there is usually a reduction in the price of the extra units.

The reduction varies, from $5 to $25. Call me, Barry at 1-800-328-1895 for details

From outside the US call 707-795-1895

Payment options: Remember, when you are not in a hurry, you can always save 2% by paying with

a check rather than using PayPal or a credit card. Just add the product

cost to the shipping and then reduce the total by 2% and mail it to:

ChronoArt Inc.

9175 Poplar Ave.

Cotati, CA 94931

If you are in just a semi-hurry mail in a money order. :-)

90% of the orders placed before 11:30 AM pacific time are shipped the same day.

To place orders or ask questions call me, Barry at 1-707-795-1895

The PayPal ordering below can be irritating. They show what you are ordering is a light grey text that is very hard to see.  And you are overcharged for shipping if you are on the west coast. Just call me before you  ––  !@#$%^&*.    

Links of Interest

Discontinued clock gallery


ChronoArt  ––  9175 Poplar Ave ––   Cotati, CA 94931

Email me

About ChronoArt & Barry Gamble 

Repair information, support

Ordering repair parts

International ordering information

Polarized Light Clocks

New Aurora clock by ChonoArt, green and purpleNew Aurora clock by ChronoArt, blue and pink

Video of clock on YouTube

I believe the video is an LED clock we repaired.


Click here for complete information

The clock of your memories. 

With new improved colors using Super Flux LEDs.

8" X 5" X 8"

The price is $579 for the U.S. version

To learn more about the price give me a call ––Barry at

To order call 1-707-795-1895

Or, using PayPal

The price is $634 for the E.U. version
(required to keep time on 50 Hz)

Using PayPal

Shipping to E.U. $68. Allow 3 days to assembly and 7-10 days shipping time.

New Prisma Clock, thich lens version by ChronoArt

Prisma II TL (Thick Lens) version


Prisma II or Prisma TL

Click here for complete information

TL = Thick Lens version

This new version is as close to the original from the early 70's as possible, but with the improvements of the LED lights.

$559 for Thick Lens (original) version

To order call 1-800-328-1895

or using PayPal


$479 without Thick Lens.

To order call 1-800-328-1895

or using PayPal


Digital Art Clocks

Every 10 seconds, The display randomly changes color and pattern.

If you know how it is fun and easy to read.

Time in picture –– 8:37 


Art for your desk.

click here for more info.

$79 without case

$109 with case, U.S. version

Shipping is $10.95 via Priority Mail for 1 or 2


$99 with case, E.U. version. Requires customer to order transformer and connect wires. Modified for 50 Hz time keeping.  Shipping $19.

Time in picture is 5 +1 : 20 + 4 or 6:24

Every 10 seconds, The display randomly changes. Random, it turns out, is great fun.

The dimensions are:

22.5" X 14" X 3" thick.


click here for more info.

Art for the wall, Mondrian Style.

Three Display Modes.


For Questions or Ordering

Call 1-800-328-1895

TimeArt clock, black face, by ChronoArt

click here for more infomation

The price is $399

To order call 1-707-795-1895

or using PayPal

Chime Clock –– A Wonderful  Gift

With blue mirror sides

Kaleidoscope Binary Clock from ChronoArt

They look the same on both sides.

Event Horizon chime clock by ChronoArt

With black sides

Event Horizon

A new Chime Clock

click here for more infomation

The idea was to make a new version of the Audocron chime clock.

The white edge will light up synchronized to the hourly chime.

If you tilt it to the left or right it will chime out the time to the minute.  

5 - 7/8" Dia   X   1" thick   X   5 - 1/8" Tall

Powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries.

Comes running and set to your time zone.

To order or ask questions call or using PayPal

$119 with the blue mirror sides

$99 with the black sides

Call me, Barry Gamble, 1-707-795-1895

The benefit of the, "I can't  really see it," problem.

Sadly, many of the fine boutiques that sold my clock designs in the 1970's are gone.  More significantly, people will no longer pay the prices that these boutiques had to charge. Accordingly, you are my customer and I am committed to supplying you directly.  I mark up the clocks $20 to $25 over wholesale and sell to you directly, bypassing stores. 99% of my sales are direct to individuals like yourself.  The benefit to you is lower prices -- 35% to 45% below what the store retail prices would be.  The disadvantage is you can't see the quality of these clocks before you order.  But remember, if you're unhappy for any reason, just send it back.  And, if you are delighted, you just saved a lot of money.  So now, or during the year, when you need that special gift, please remember these delightful creations.  Have fun and enjoy!

To ask questions or place phone orders, call me, Barry Gamble, at:

1-707-795-1895 -- ChronoArt is in the Pacific Time Zone.

You can call at most times, including weekends.

Repair information -- click here. 

Our address is...

E-mail, your questions and/or suggestions.

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