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  Event Horizon our new Chime Clock, now available.

The charm of our chime clocks is difficult to classify. Perhaps you could think of them as

modern music boxes ––– more useful and elegant, and just as delightful.

(Showing off the mirror sides, with the roses' reflection)

Created by Barry Gamble

Automatically chimes on the hour. Visualize it on your coffee table. With your guests saying, "What is it?"

There are two version of the Event Horizon. One with contemporary black sides,

and one with beautiful blue mirror sides.

Apple's latest OS release, El Capitan has disabled the old Quicktime plug-ins so you may have to use the link in Blue.

EH_hourly_Chime_Movie.mp4 Use your back/return when done.

Price $99 with black sides and $119 with blue mirror sides

They both function the same and are the same size, 5 – 7/8" Diameter.

Shipping now.

When rocked or tilted 45 degrees left or right they chime out the complete time to the minute -- first the hours, then the 10's of minutes, then the minutes, with a sweet dinner bell sound. White lights march around the edge with the chime.

Apple's latest OS release, El Capitan has disabled the old Quicktime plug-ins so you may have to use the link in Blue

EH_chimeout.mp4 Use your back/return button when done.

Just tilt left or right to hear the chimes tell time.

The gift where the giver is truly remembered.

How the pitches differs


Note the tens of minutes are higher in pitch

Activated by tilt, Event Horizon softly & sweetly chimes the time to the minute.

Event Horizon's main functionality is to automatically chime the hour  -- a pleasant, noninvasive, delightful reminder of the hour.

With each beat of the hourly chime, white lights move around both the left and right edges.

It's charm is hard to define.  It is music-box-like yet modern.  It is mysterious yet simple.  It goes well in both contemporary, and traditional settings.  Both men and women enjoy it.   A conversation piece that makes adults want to giggle.

Features (or other modes of operation you can enable of disable)

The clock arrives set to the correct time for your time zone and running. One side is held on with magnets. Removing that side gives you access to the batteries, setting the time, and customizing how it works. The back of the side you have removed has basic instructions, for setting/changing the time. There are different modes of operation that can be selected. You can turn off the half hour chime. You can turn off the hourly chime so it will only chime when you tilt it (useful for not opening you eyes and finding out the time in bed). Turn off all chiming and lights for vacation or shipping, still keeps time (I use this mode to ship it to you).

Your price is $99 with black sides, or $119 with blue mirror sides.

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To order using Credit Card, or ask questions call 1-800-328-1895. Barry Gamble

SPECIFICATIONS (aka the small print): 







Lamp white acrylic 5/8" thick with sides of either flat black acrylic, or blue mirror acrylic.

ONE MINUTE PER YEAR (at room temperature). 


5 in. HIGH, 5-7/8 in. DIAMETER, 7/8 in THICK. 

2 LBS.


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