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 A Playful Digital Art Clock –– at a Great Price

Size: As shown with case 5.1" X 5.2" X 1.5"

Designed for your desk or end table.

 TimeCubed on my desk. It's the version with case and shown in Dark Mode at 11:24.

Read on to discover TimeCubed

Now shipping.  Two versions, either with or without the  frame/case.

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Art for your desk.

$79 without case

$109 with case

Shipping is $10.95 total via Priority Mail for  orders for 1 or 2 or 3 or 4  (et cetera) ––  when sent to the same address.

 If you would like to read about its development click here.

The Design Goal

The most important design goal for TimeCubed was to offer  more fun than just random patterns.

So TimeCubed does both Random Pattern & Random Color with a more artful look. 

And I liked the idea of a clock that displayed the time using fives and ones.  For example if you see a nickel and three pennies you just think 8 cents, you just know it, you don't really even count.  Read on to see how this is used.

Here is how you read the time

After a day or two it becomes very fast to read.Some examples:

Front view, of the version without case. See more pictures below.

Here is what it does.

The display sequences a new random pattern of lit positions and colors every 10 seconds.

First a new hour pattern & color, then one second later, a new 10's of minutes pattern & color,

then one second later, the minutes.  Holds that display for 7 seconds and starts over. 

What my customers have loved in all my designs.


A puzzle,  if you don't know how to read it,  but easy if you do.

A conversation piece.

A great gift for either the artful, playful, or  technical personality in so many of us.


Has an optional hourly chime as a pleasant, sweet reminder of the hour.

The face pattern does a playful, count-up dance synchronized to the "sweet dings".  Great fun!

Sadly, it is very hard to make an acceptable video of this charming feature.

The case is a matte finish flat black acrylic.

Selectable Features:

You can turn the Hourly Chime sound, ON/OFF, or soft (lower volume).

You can choose to either have the non time telling segments on each face lit White or off (called Dark Mode). It is a little easier to read the time from a distance in the Dark Mode.  I like both modes. 

Other Features:

You can adjust the brightness of the display.  Mainly useful for a bright office or in a dark bedroom.

Has 50-60 seconds of power backup for those short pesky lightning strike type of power outages.

Should not gain or lose time as long as power is on.

The features you have chosen are stored in Flash memory. So if you have a power failure, when it restarts, it will remember those modes, so all you have to do is set the time.


Comes 2 ways, with or without a case. With case shown above, or without case below –– scroll down to see.


With case 5.1" X 5.2" X 1.5"

Without case, open frame design: 4.88" X 4.88" X 1.35"


Less than 2 Watts, 120 VAC transformer at end of power cord.

I plan a version for 240VAC 50 Hz for Europe.


One year on parts and labor.


Priced at $109, with case.

                     $79 without case 

If you order 1 or 2 the shipping stays the same $10.95

 Each addition one is a little less, in the $5 - $10/unit area .

How long will it be in production?

Generally I'll make a few hundred the first year, half that the next year, and sadly, have to let it die in the third year. 

But is my first clock is several years with surface mount electronics, so it is harder for me to guess.

How long will I offer repair services?

I am still repairing the clocks I sold in 1971, but who really knows.

To order:

PayPal  order buttons on home page.  Most customers just call me,

Barry, at 707-795-1895 or 1-800-328-1895.


No case version

It has a nice tilt back of 7O  –––– Face Segments protrude 1/8" adding a 3 dimensionality look to the cube

The process & persistence that realizes dreams.

Barry Gamble – The Playful Horologist