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TimeArt – is back in production.

The Transformation of Time into Art

A Museum Quality Art Clock By ChronoArt.

What Paul Klee would have created if he had Light Emitting Diodes.

TimeArt clock, black face, by ChronoArt

Design by Wayne Husted, with electronics by Barry Gamble

Delightfully different --- in the best tradition of ChronoArt

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Delight, Function & Solidness

As with our other great art clocks, watching is so delightful, you'll forget it is a clock, but the time is there -- adding to the delight.

Playfully invite your friends to guess at the mystery of how to read the time? It's easy; you don't have to belong to Mensa.

On the hour, as it chimes and the pattern dances, watch the eyes of your friends go to the clock and ask, "What's that?"

This is a U.S. made, designed and built to last many years with greater than 20 year life for the lights –– an art clock to pass down from generation to generation.


What it Does

This is a random color pattern clock. Every 10 seconds the microprocessor selects a new random pattern (over 4 million combinations) of colors, and then, the colors slowly morph from the old color selection to the new color selection. The randomness is surprisingly interesting.

Every hour on the hour the colors do a playful dance in sync with the chime. The chime is a very sweet dinner bell sound. A volume control allows you to turn off the chime.

Arrives set to your time zone for immediate delight --- a nice feature when you give it to someone special. They don't have to both learn how to read it and how to set it at the same time.

TimeArt has two modes of operation for you to choose between:

  • The normal mode where the time is displayed by two segments that do not change color, all the other segments change. This is the default mode -- how it works when you first plug it in.
  • A random more colorful mode, without displaying the time – you will understand when you see it.


Reading the Time.

One example --- two of the segments in the picture below are not changing -- the red hour hand and white minute hand. The time is 3:30. Note that the red segment touches the edge of the circle at the 3 o'clock position of a normal clock. Similarly note that the white segment comes to the edge where 30 minutes would be on a normal clock with a minute hand.

Plus, if you want, you can read the time to the minute by noting the quantity of green segments. The position of the green segment is not significant, just the quantity. In the photo one segment is green so the time is really 3:30 plus 1, or 3:31. Which segments are green changes with the pattern every 10 seconds -- adding to your delight. It is much easier to read than explain.

You might ask, "What happens at a time like 3:15, when both the red hour and white fives-of-minutes are trying to light the same segment?" That segment gently pulses back and fourth, red -- white -- red -- white, adding another element of fun to the TimeArt Clock.

numbers on face of TimeArt clock


The TimeArt just put back in production will look like the clock on the right in the picture below.

Three of the versions of the TimeArt Clock

rear view of TimeArt clock without case

TimeArt without the case – an open frame look.

QuickTime movie showing the quality of the old cases. With the latest version I had to go with a plastic case to keep the cost down of a small production run.

Don't miss this second movie -- Link to QuickTime movie showing colors changing.


Variations to the TimeArt clock

The new case is a solid ring of matte black acrylic. The TimeArt is available with or without the case. If you desire, you may first purchase the clock without the case and then later, order the case separately, but it is more money to cover the handling. The front edge is 3/16" thick.

The Pictures below need to be updated!

TimeArt clock, mirror face, by ChronoArtBlack face version of TimeArt Clock

TimeArt with mirror face & matte black face. Both with the polished aluminum case.


A very minor caution. This may not be a good gift to a man who is color blind. :-)

P r i c e

The price of the new version coming in September is $399

To ask questions or place an order call 1-800-328-1895

Barry Gamble

Designing Art Clocks since 1971


Orders placed before noon Pacific Time usually ship the same day.

Download TimeArt Instructions

The TimeArt, each one, is run for several days to insure quality.

To show our confidence in the design quality it has a 2 year warranty.


SPECIFICATIONS (aka the small print, a small humor)

ACCURACY:   + or - 2 SECONDS AS LONG AS THE POWER IS ON.  Runs off of crystal and battery (one minute/year) when power is OFF

LAMPS & LIFE:       High reliability LEDs, They will dim by 20% in 15 years.

CASE:         Matte black acrylic. The back is clear acrylic showing the glowing lights.

MOUNTING: Four clear feet on the bottom keep it stable. Hole in back for wall mounting.

POWER:        120 VAC 60 HZ or 50 Hz,  10 WATTS (230 VAC, AVAILABLE).  Lithium battery included.

WEIGHT :      4 lbs, shipping 5 lbs.

DIMENSIONS:  9 inches in Diameter. 2.5 inches DEEP. 


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