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Parts Ordering

Some general information:

This page is for the semi-technical to very technical person. But I am a libertarian in the sense that everyone should be able to purchase whatever they want, no matter their individual level of skill.

Selling parts is not profitable. I do it as a necessary part of the business of selling new clocks. New clock orders is what really pays the bills. At the moment to order parts it is easier just to call me at 1-707-795-1895 (please don't tie up my 800 number where I get my new clock orders, it is not the price of the call, it's tying up the only 800 line. There is an amazing amount of impulse buyers out there in the world, including myself, and a missed call from a tied up 800 line can cost me. Thank you for your understanding. Barry Gamble

USPS shipping on most orders is about $9.50

We have a minimum order of $25, plus shipping. So plan and then plan some more. If you order $50 worth of parts and then try to order $4 more a week later, it will irritate you to pay $25 plus shipping for a $4 part.

Shipping on international orders has $10 handling charge plus the actual shipping charge.

I, Barry Gamble, am happy to give a few minutes of free advice over the phone if you call 707-795-1895.

Aurora parts.

Back cover, chrome steel -- $12 or $3 for a scratched one. For the 3 magnets that hold on the back see next item. Because of the $25 minimum order please add some lamps and/or magnets to your order.

Magnets, rare earth epoxied to a hex dowel standoff (stronger than the original magnets) -- $1.50/each. There are normally 3 in a clock. Held on with gel-type of superglue. Don't use epoxy; it is too hard to get off later when you need to service the clock later on.

Incandescent #93 Lamp -- $2. This is the tail light out of a car that you can purchase at your local auto parts supply store.

Used, lamp socket for the above #93 lamp - $4.

10 VAC transformer for the lamp and socket above -- $14. Note, you have to remove the old transformer bracket and put it on this transformer.

Fluorescent lamps, set of 3, for Aurora Classic (the classic was made by ChronoArt, not Kirsch Hamilton), (also not Japanese Aurora, see below) --$21. These lamps are lasting more than 15 years -- so far and still going.

Lamp card for the Japanese Aurora -- $59. These cards have been modified to work with an alternative lamp that we install, it is not just a card with 3 new lamps. No need to send in the old card. Attention: The plastic gears in the Japanese version of the Aurora usually fail before the lamps so there is little reason to order spare cards. Once the plastic gears go, then the whole clock must be rebuilt which will include a different lighting source.

More complex Aurora repair parts:

There are many other parts available below but 90% of the time you will not get the results you want. This should only be tried by the most adventurous of you, those with Marco Polo genes. But don't worry, if you start and then give up, you are not alone. We receive, in pieces, about one Aurora a month to repair. If, for example, you try replacing the filters yourself. It can be like needing the patience of Job while in the eternity of Hell. Just for your reference, we charge about $70 more than the parts cost. Think of it, out of purgatory for eternity for $70, what a deal :-)). But for the masochists out there, yes, we will sell the filters, and try our best to avoid sarcasm or "I told you so's". There are no instructions and the parts are built differently and not direct replacements. There are some hints below with each item.

Second hand disk, the dot (hole) that goes around -- $28. Of all the filter parts this is the only one that is a direct replacement (different but no instructions required) from the original.

Front filter, "+" -cross hair piece with separate polarizer that must be oriented to get the right colors -- $26.

Rear Filter -- $21, the most easily messed up, causing you to repeatedly open the clock after you thought you were done. Thin film tends to ripple from the heat. Thisfilter is thicker than the original so you will need to elongatate the transformer mounting holes in the bottom of the main tube with a rat tail file.

Clock Motor and gear train with setting knob -- $59. Need to get out the hammer to remove motor mounting indents, and the side cutters to remove metal and need a 7/16" plastic drill.

Hour and Minute hands (with extra nut) -- $3/each. They do not screw on the motor shaft like the originals but must to trapped between two nuts each. Use care to not put the rear nut all the way back or you will discover the hour and minute hand are not moving when you power up and thought you were done.

LED lamp card conversion parts -- $90. Also, totally gets rid of the old reflector dome, making repair easier. See picture at the bottom of the repair page.

Prisma Clock

Lamps, F4T5-CW -- $6/each. You can find them locally at Home Depot stores. Check your yellow pages. Not all new lamps work; some imports will not work. If the first ones you get will not light or stay lit, try a different brand (Phillips or Westinghouse work well) or order from us.

Ballast -- $15.

Switch, starter, -- $12 (This switch almost never fails. People think it is bad when the lamps go out after a few seconds to a few minutes, but that is the lamps not the switch)

Motor with gear train -- $57.  If you second hand disk is held on with a set screw from the side then you this gear train is fine. But (on earlier models somewhere below the low 3000 serial numbers) if the second screws on a threaded shaft from the gear train, then you will need to purchase a new second hand disk also. Attention: When transferring the setting knob note it has left-hand-threads!!! Use Locktite on the setting knob. Also, see next item.

Bushing, white plastic, (new replacements are aluminum) to hold the rear filter disk in place -- $3. This breaks so often that you should order with gear train above.

Setting knob, larger need to drill out the back, -- $4. Attention: It has left hand threads.

Second hand disk -- $22.

Face polarizer --- $30.

Acrylic lens, for the face -- $59.

Spectra Clock

Lamp card for the Spectra -- $45 plus shipping. This is a modified card with new lamps. Attention: You must send in the old one for exchange. Please include a check for $53, shipping included.

We have no motors for this clock. See repair page for more info. If it fails think about purchasing one of my Prisma II clocks. It is much nicer, plus bigger, more reliable, and more repairable.

Model I, The "Dot Clock"

We currently charge a flat fee of $175 to fix and return them. This includes return shipping. You can send us a check for $40 and we will send you and empty box to ship it to us. If you have purchased a box then the balance for the repair is $160.

Occassionally we receive a Model I with the date code prefix of 224. These can run $25-30 more for repair.

There is a lot of information about fixing these clocks for the "do it yourself types" on the Dot repair page.

Lamps, 30 for -- $25 plus $2.95 for shipping and handling. Best to just mail in a check. If you are in Calif. add 7.5% for sales tax.

Magnet for setting time. I only have strange ones, like wrapping a rubberband around little cylinderical magnets to get more strength for $2.

TimeWave clock

Set of 3 fluorescent lamp -- $60. These lamps are still not failing after 18 years.

Set of 6 capacitors that go in series with the lamps -- $12. 

Clock motor -- $57. Buy an Aurora motor and gear train and exchange the motor and reuse the TimeWave gear train.

Lumina clock

Set of 2 fluorescent lamp -- $40. These lamps are no longer being manufactured and we have very few left. These lamps are still not failing after 22 years.

Set of 4 capacitors that go in series with the lamps -- $8. There has been a 3% failure rate on these after 18 years.

Audocron chime clock

New electronic assembly -- $64. New electronics has a chime on the half hour, and is much easier to set the time than the version that has an "A" in the beginning of the serial number on the bottom. New lamp is of course included.

Light bulb, almost impossible to find locally and we have ran out and do not want to order anymore. They rarely fail, but a few are failing after 20 years. Just send in the clocks with a check for $38 and we will fix and return.

Battery snap broken wire. Any one with a hot soldering iron should be able to fix this in a couple of minutes. Try an automobile radio repair shop.

Eventide chime clock

The battery is a number 2450 Lithium coin cell. You can buy them from Wall-Mart. You need to pull out the electronic from the bottom with some pliers. Then push in on the edge of the battery and it will flip out of its holder. If it does not start up then short out pin 4 & 5 on the PIC microprocessor momentarily or remove the new battery for 24 hours and then put it in again. Light should blink after a couple of seconds when the microprocessor startup is proper. To see this

Vortex wall clock

When the clock will not light up try this. Unplug the clock from the power. Remove the top edge of the frame, then slide the rear acrylic up about 6 inches. See the batteries. Remove and leave the batteries out of the clock and leave it unplugged for at least 24 hours. With the batteries still removed plug the clock back in the wall. It should start up now.

The odds are high that the batteries have leaked and corroid the terminals, so it is a good idea to just leave them out from now on.

In the last 13 years the only real failures have been:

4-5 power regulators have failed --- part # 317T

I have seen a couple of the electrolytic power supply filter capacitors fail.

Other clocks, Time Square, Omichron, Time Capsule.

The only problem these clocks have are AA alkaline batteries inside that leak because people, me included, forget to change them. Other than that they are very reliable and for the rare problems they have you'll need factory help.

Over the years I plan on adding schematics, and information that would aid in repairs by others once I am dead. Note that even when I die, hopefully in some 25 years, or so, someone will probably operate the business but they may not be inclined to work on all the clocks. So, check back every so often and download stuff on your products.

To ask questions or place a parts order call 1-707-795-1895

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