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  AUDOCRON -- a quartz crystal chime clock.

_______ Audocron ______________ The New Event Horizon

The Audocron was created in 1979 by Doug Clark, Wayne Husted & Barry Gamble

Random information:

Audocron production, after making 18,000, was discontinued in 2006.

A couple of years later another company was licensed to make some in China. Those are also discontinued.

The new version of the Audocron is in production and called Event Horizon. Click here for info.

Below is a description and comparison of the two Audocron versions, repair information, and links below.

We offer repairs on both the original U.S. version and the China version.

Links to the instructiontions for various versions are at the bottom of this page.

The China version can be identified by the battery compartment and time setting switches on the bottom.

How they function:

When touched, with a sweet dinner bell sound, it chimes out the complete time to the minute -- first the hours, then the 10's of minutes, then the minutes.

Just touch to hear the chimes tell time.


It automatically chimes on the hour.

They were great wedding, anniversary, or graduation gifts.

This is the original Audocron chime sounds. The new Event Horizon chime clock is similar.


The gift where the giver is truly remembered, hourly.

Activated by your touch, AUDOCRON softly & sweetly chimes the time to the minute.

AUDOCRON's main functionality is to automatically chime the hour,  and to chime a "ding-dong" on the half hour -- a pleasant, noninvasive, delightful reminder.

With each chime, AUDOCRON emits a band of light (like a space ship taking lifting off).

It's charm is hard to define.  It is music-box-like yet modern.  It is mysterious yet simple.  It goes well in both contemporary, and traditional settings.  Both men and women love it.   A conversation piece that makes adults want to giggle.

Audocron Repairs

We can usually fix the U.S. version for $29 plus $10 shipping. Please send with a new 9V alkaline battery and we will return it set to the right time and running.

The China version we can only repair by installing a modified version of the new Event Horizon's electronics. It is $49 plus shipping.

An upgrade for Audocron is available.

This is a modified version of the Event Horizon Electronics.

What are the differences?

No 9V battery wire to break off.

No incandecent lamp to burn out.

More common AAA size batteries that cost less and last longer.

Touch activation of the chime is more sensitive to your touch.

Both the hourly chime, and the half hour chime may be turned OFF for bedroom use or someone sleeping near the clock, or when you go on vacation to save power.

If you change the batteries one at a time, it will keep time, while each one is removed and replaced.

If you push down the minute set switch and the mode switch simultaneously it will go backwards, decrementing minutes, making it faster to set the time and to keep it accurate.

As before with each minute advance or decrement the seconds are reset to zero, making it easier to keep the hourly chime right on the hour.

The new electronics are $49 plus $10 shipping.

Attention: The Chinese version of the Audocron was manufactured by Can You Imagine and made in China under ChronoArt license (i.e. we got a royalty). They lost interest in the Audocron after 24 months. Below is a good summary of the differences between the versions. This Chinese version is a complete electronic redesign. It looks almost identical and had a few newer features.

Audocron Differences (Improvements, losses)
Original Audocron

(made by ChronoArt in USA)

Chinese Audocron
Chime Modes, control
Auto chimes both hour & half hour

Auto chime on hour, half hour chime turned OFF

Four Modes, two in green are new

Auto chimes both hour & half hour, normal touch activation. Normal mode.

Chimes only when touched. Auto chimes on hour & half hour OFF. Nice for in the bedroom – find out the time without opening your eyes.

Auto chimes on hour only. Half hour chime turned off.

Auto chimes OFF until touched. Nice when a friend sleeps over. No more putting in the closet with a pillow over it. :-)

Time Keeping Accuracy One Minute per year.
Not specified.
Chime Volume Control By Tightening Top

No chime OFF

Two position switch (high, low) on bottom, see picture below.

To turn chime OFF see four modes above.

Chime Tone Tones A little Sweeter
Both Ding & Dong Lower frequency.

Ten minute ding is a little louder, some customer with a small hearing loss couldn't hear old 10 minute, higher pitched, "ding."

Touch Sensitivity Touch Sensitivity
Much more sensitive, no need to moisten fingers.
Battery life
1 year
7-8 months
Case Material
Highly polished silver plated brass.
Chrome Plated Steel. 1 to 3 small dimples in the center of the top. Caused by some welding done inside.

Chrome is harder to scratch, but is grayer than silver.

Engraves well
May rust over time at engraving lines. Don't really know.
Build Quality High, but acrylic disk can get off center, will dent if dropped. Not as complex, the change batteries, probably stronger and more scuff resistant if dropped.
1 year, parts and labor.
45 days originally. ChronoArt will try to help.
Service provided by
Importer, not very consumer oriented.
Repair Service after Warranty
Yes, still service those made in

1979. Average repair costs $39.

None originally, but we will try at ChronoArt.
$129. Shipping $9
$49 plus $9.95 shipping.

To ask questions call 1-800-328-1895.

Bottom View of the Chinese Import version.

SPECIFICATIONS (original Audocron): 










3-5/8 in. HIGH, 5-1/8 in. DIAMETER. 

2 LBS.


Audocron Chime Clock Instructions in pdf

There were three version of this clock. The Serial Prefix on the bottom of the clock indicates the version.

Oldest "A" Version "N" Version "LX" Version Newest

China version instructions, page 1, page 2

Sometimes repairs where done and new electronics were installed but the serial number prefix was not changed on the bottom. Because of this you may want to download yours and the newer versions. All three versions set the time differently. The two oldest are large files. Sorry.

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