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    The –– "Dot Clocks" –– ChronoArt's first clocks:

Model I (1971-1979)

About 2,000 made

Model II


About 200 made

Model I dot clock for wall, 1971
Model II dot clock for wall, 1972
Retailed for $300
Retailed for $250
23.5" X 20" wall art clock
Instructions and repair information

These clocks marked the beginning of direct selling from ChronoArt to you, my customers. A few stores tried but it was a waste of effort.

TIME SQUARE (1987-1989)

11" X 11" on pedistal

VORTEX (1990-1999)

20" X 20" wall clock

OMICHRON (1990-1994)

8" X 8"

Time Square Clock by ChronoArt, 1987
Vortex Art Wall clock by ChronoArt, 1990
Omichron Clock by ChronoArt, 1990
About 125 made (rare)

Sold for $295

This was a limited edition of 300 pieces. Each one signed and numbered .

Sold for $395

Vortex Instructions page 1.pdf

Vortex Instructions page 2.pdf

500 made.

Sold for $195

Audocron, quartz crystal, chime clock (1979-2006)

Audocron clock, 1979

Over 18,000 sold in Silver and 24k Gold Plate. Sold for $175 in Silver or $225 in Gold.

For repair information and/or instructions click here and go to the bottom of page,

TIME CAPSULE (1996-1999)

Time Capsule Clock by ChronoArt, 1996

About 300 made. Sold for $150.

Time Capsule Instructions.pdf    

Lumina, ChronoArt's first polarized light clock (1993-1996)

6.5" X 6.5" X 3.5"

Lumina Polarized Light Clock by ChronoArt, 1993

About 500 made. Sold for $175.

TimeWave, ChronoArt's largest (14" tall) polarized light clock (1996-2001)

50 TimeWave polarized light clock by ChronoArt, 1996Size comparison

About 225 made. Sold for $450.

Eventide, a chime clock (1996 -2005)

Eventide clock

About 1,000 made. Sold for $99

How to reset the microprocessor

Eventide Instructions

Alien II, a binary clock (2000 -2005)

 Alien Clock

About 350 made. Sold for $129

Alien II Instructions.pdf

Omichron II (1999 -2006)

Omichron II Art Clock by ChronoArt, 1999

About 300 made. Sold for $225 (more information)

ChronoArt II, Dot Wall Clock (2003-2004)

ChronoArt II, dot clock, 2003

Limited edition of 50 made and signed. Sold for $599.

More information

DreamTime chime clock/mood light (2002-2003 for U.S. version)

Dream Time Clock, blue, by ChronoArtDream Time clock, rose color, by ChronoArt, 2002DreamTime Clock, mixed colors

1,000 made in the U.S. 2nd version was made in China. More information.

ProtoTime (2004-2012)

ProtoTime Instructions

(Rare only 110 manufactured) More Information

TimeArt (2007-2012, restarted in 2014)

(211 manufactured) More Information and Instructions

Kaleidoscope (2008-2015)

Rare only 130 manufactured

More Information

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